Permaculture Ambassor Program

Become the “Go-To” person for Permaculture in your Area!

Ambassadors are Permaculture Designers who agree to take on a leadership role in their local communities and regions. The Ambassador is responsible for professionally representing Permaculture Design and actively promoting Permaculture in their region.

  • Ambassadors must hold an internationally-recognized 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate and have 2+ years of related experience.

  • There can be more than one Permaculture Ambassador in a given town, city, or region.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for creating a local Permaculture Guild (if one does not already exist), holding regular community meetings and talks on Permaculture, promoting Permaculture in their communities. One simple avenue for accomplishing this is to create a MeetUp group online and announce meetings through the Permaculture Education site and social media channels.

  • Ambassadors are the face of Permaculture in their communities! Ambassadors are responsible for reporting on local Permaculture-related projects and happenings in their local towns, cities, and regions. Stories, pictures, videos will form content that will appear in Permaculture Education blog posts, social media, and other communications.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for contacting local Permaculture Designers and PDC Course graduates in their areas, inviting them to join the local Guild or MeetUp group, and assisting them in creating their listings in the World Directory on Permaculture Education.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for contacting local Permaculture farms, demonstration sites, and teachers, and organizing talks, tours, courses and workshops – and helping individuals get these listed on the Permaculture Education website so that people from around the world can take advantage of these learning opportunities, and local designers, farmers, and the Ambassador can benefit from increased sales.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for locating and recruiting qualified Permaculture teachers and Consultants in their areas, and assisting them in creating profiles and listings in the World Directory on, and also recruiting qualified Teachers and Tutors for Permaculture Education courses.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for helping to identify and make agreements with local farms, demonstration sites, and suitable homesteads to act as Host Sites for Permaculture courses, internships, and events taught by other local teachers. The Ambassador will assist the Host Site operators with pricing and listing their sites on

  • Ambassadors are highly-encouraged to attend all local, regional, and international Permaculture Convergences and all other green/eco/sustainability-related gatherings and events, and to submit blog posts, social media, and/or video reviews of these events.

  • Ambassadors submit local and regional content for the Permaculture Education blog, newsletter, and social media channels. This can take the form of a profile piece on a local Permaculture farm, person, business, event, or other content related to Permaculture.

Benefits of being a Permaculture Ambassador

  • Ambassadors are paid 5% of all local courses, workshops, and events sold through the website that they help to organize.
  • Ambassadors are paid 5% of all advertising and affiliate revenue on the website from advertisers and affiliates they recruit from their local areas.
  • Ambassadors are paid 10% for referrals to Permaculture Education courses. For instance, an Ambassador writes a short article in their local newspaper about Permaculture Design and they include their special link to the 72-hour PDC Course. 10 people enroll in the course using that link. The Ambassador receives 10% of the enrollment fees for each course sold. Currently, the PDC Course price is $550 USD. If 10 people enroll, this means the Ambassador would receive $550 USD (10% x $550 X 10 courses).
  • Your Bio and content in the Directory – with a special designation showing that you are a Permaculture Ambassador for your area/region.
  • Access to training materials, resources, and events support for your use in promoting Permaculture in your area/region.
  • Ambassadors may capitalize on their leadership position in the community by offering their own local courses and workshops, promoting their own projects, and offering their own local Permaculture design and consulting services. Courses, products, and services offered by Ambassadors can be advertised internationally through the website.


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