Permaculture Design by Bill Mollison

Permaculture Design offers Solutions

The recent and on-going uptick in the occurrence of natural disasters, wildfires, mudslides, desertification, mass-migration, famine, and now pandemic has renewed interest in solutions to these problems that lie outside of the typical inefficient government or corruption-plagued NGO and international bureaucracy-led initiatives. For decades, independent researchers and consultants known as Permaculture Designers have worked in […]

Packaging Made Sustainable

With increasing environmental awareness, consumers become more and more aware of the issue of sustainability in food packaging. If you are living according to the permaculture principles, packaging should also be a huge concern to you. Because according to the Emmen MacArthur Foundation, globally only 14% of all plastic packaging is recycled, and 40% of […]

grow your own food

How To Grow Your Own Food

In times of a crisis, we realize even more how valuable it is to grow our own food. This is something everybody can do easily. Let us show you some positive examples. Growing your own food is something that obviously goes back very far in time. One good example is the so-called Victory Gardens which […]

Permaculture Design in a Drought-Prone Area

Permaculture Design in a drought-prone area – how we try to make it work “I remember when I, along with the other kids, would play in the stream that formed in the village every monsoon season. Now the kids in the village don’t play in the stream because there is no stream anymore, there is […]

Why take a permaculture course

What can I do with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)?

With problems such as political and economic corruption, climate change, globalization, pollution, land degradation, and species extinction on the rise, many people are looking for answers. They know that the current status quo systems are failing and they are seeking sustainable alternatives that can help us all survive and thrive into a new and brighter […]

Green Warrior Eco Farm

“The only future the human race is a sustainable one. In other futures we don’t exist” Steve Cran is a Permaculture Aid veteran, teacher, social activist, climate change resilience specialist, and a very handy guy to have around after a natural disaster. With a 30-year career in Permaculture, Steve has developed effective, sustainable, recovery solutions […]

Toranam Project

Toranam Project

The project Toranam aims at helping farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change using sustainable agroforestry and alternative marketing strategies while raising environmental awareness and promoting green energy. The Background The agricultural practices promoted during the so-called green revolution in India led to the massive use of chemical inputs over the last decades and […]

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