How To Grow Your Own Food

In times of a crisis, we realize even more how valuable it is to grow our own food. This is something everybody can do easily. Let us show you some positive examples.

Growing your own food is something that obviously goes back very far in time. One good example is the so-called Victory Gardens which were common during the Second World War. In order to supply themselves and be independent of the limited available resources, people started growing their own food using backyards, empty lots, or city rooftops. This approach can also be applied today. Find out more about it here: Victory Gardens

Another positive example of self-reliance is Russia with its dachas (seasonal or second home). With these seasonal gardens, the Russian population is able to produce 40% of the nation’s food. Past records show that this number approached up to 90%. This is much higher than in most other countries. Also exemplary: Most of the food is organic. Read more about the Russian dachas

In terms of “How To”, over the past 40 years, the study of Permaculture Design has provided people around the world with the tools and techniques they need to grow their own food. Permaculture Design has been chosen by communities and farmers worldwide for very good reasons. The design method focuses on the knowledge of traditional indigenous farming systems and modern sustainable and organic growing methods, while also reducing human work.

One of the most important aspects, when we talk about growing your own food, is having some knowledge of the plants’ needs and what you should pay attention to when planting. In order to grow successfully you should, for example, check out information about companion planting (which is an important feature of Permaculture Design). Insights into this topic can be found under the following two links:

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